Organizing Committee
Chairman : Mr. Martin LAM
Members :

Mr. Lincoln YU

Ms. Christine TSE
Tournament Director : Ms. Lesley FUNG        
Championships Secretariat
Ms. Anyetty CHOW Ms. Lesley FUNG
Mr. Glen LAM Ms. Olivia LAM
Mr. Ricky LAU
(overall coordinator)
Mr. Nelson POON
Ms. Winnie TANG Ms. Sau Kam TSE
Technical Officials
Technical Delegate : Ms. Cannie LEUNG      
Chief Classifier : Dr. Noela ELSWORTH      
Classifier : Mr. Kwong Chin LAM   Mr. Jordan LIU
Head Referee : Mr. Paul COFFEY      
Assistant Head Referee : Mr. David LEUNG      
International Referee : Ms. Jacquelin AU YEUNG   Ms. Wai Chun KAN
    Ms. Yung Ching KO   Ms. Rosa MAH
    Mr. Chi Ming NG   Ms. Po Lin TSANG
    Mr. Young Hoon CHUNG   Ms. Tien LIN
National Referee : Mr. Yung CHAN   Mr. Kwok Shing CHEUNG
    Ms. Daphne KWONG   Mr. Hoi Ming LAU
  : Ms. Yuan Mun LEONG   Mr. Chi Shing SUEN
    Ms. Kit Bing TAM   Ms. Shui Fong WONG
    Mr. Yi Shing WONG   Ms. Yin Yung WU
Protest Committee
Head Referee : Mr. Paul COFFEY
July of Appeal
Technical Delegate : Cannie LEUNG        
Volunteer Groups
●  Hong Kong Baptist University (College of    International Education) - Sport and Recreation Studies
●  Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Edcation (Chai Wan) - Department of Hotel, Service & Tourism Studies,
●  Hong Kong St John Ambulance
●  Societe Generale
●  The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
Presented by
●  Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
●  Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed)
Subvented by
●  Home Affairs Bureau (Arts and Sports Development Fund)
●  Leisure and Culture Service Development
Supporting Organization
●  Easy Access Transport Services Ltd.
●  Fuji Xerox
●  Home Affairs Bureau
●  Hong Kong Sports Institute
●  Leisure and Cultural Services Department
●  Royal Park Hotel
●  Standard Chartered
●  Watsons Water
The Organizing Committee would like to thank the following sponsors and agencies for their support and contribution to make the Championships possible.
●  Airport Authority Hong Kong
●  Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed)
●  Customs & Excise Department, HKSAR
●  Easy-Access Transport Services Ltd
●  Fuji Xerox Hong Kong Ltd
●  Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR
●  Hong Kong Baptist University
●  Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Edcation (Chai Wan)
●  Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
●  Hong Kong Sports Institute
●  Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
●  Immigration Department, HKSAR
●  Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR
●  Police Volunteer Services Corps
●  Prime Concepts Ltd.
●  Royal Park Hotel
●  Societe Generale
●  Standard Chartered
●  The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
●  Watsons Water
(In alphabetical order)
Special thanks are due to Dr. Wu Chi Shih for providing the competition software for this Championships.